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72% of Carers in the UK say they have suffered mental ill heath as a result of caring _Carers UK 2018
Are you one of the 72%?

Let me ask you a few questions: 

Do you feel worn out?

Physically drained? 

Mentally fatigued?

Are you constantly putting everyone else’s needs ahead of your own?

Do you worry about your future?

Do you need some time to yourself?

Do you feel alone?

According to research carried out by Carers UK around loneliness,
“8 in 10 people caring for loved ones “have felt lonely or socially isolated

Feeling lonely or isolated are emotional states that can lead to other feelings of stuckness, sadness, exclusion, feeling forgotten and ignored.  The result of these feelings can contribute to poor mental health and physical wellbeing.

Life as a Carer

Becoming a carer is a life changing experience. 

The way you becomes a carer varies from person to person.  Sometimes the role is a choice and sometimes it can be in reaction to a drastic change in circumstances of a loved one.

  • Perhaps you find you are now looking after your ageing parents and the role of caretaker has shifted.
  • Or your partner is becoming more reliant on you for their needs.
  • Or maybe you have a child with additional needs and you are now both parent and carer.

However you become a carer, you are guaranteed to feel a host of emotions from worry, anxiety, sadness, guilt, relief, to happiness, gratitude and thankfulness.

If you are:

  • A Young Carer
  • Carer of disabled children
  • Someone who cares for over 50 hours a week
  • Sandwich carers – (Have caring responsibilities alongside parenting) – research indicates you are are at a much higher chance of having feelings of loneliness.


How I can help

There are many barriers for carers in maintaining good mental and physical health, barriers include:



The challenge of delegating their caring commitments to a suitable person/s in their absence.

This is why having someone to help you can be life changing.

Having someone listen to you who understands.

Help you create workable actions so you can change your life,

to the life you want


Together we can:

  • Create step-by-step strategies to improve your ‘Caring Vs Life’ balance.
  • Secure a system of support for long term transformation and happiness.
  • Explore your buried dreams and unearth passions that have been swallowed up by the responsibility of your caring role.
  • Plan for your financial future.
  • Redefine and refine your life to maximise rest, happiness, joy and relaxation.
  • Gain clarity, perspective and motivation
  • Inject energy passion into YOUR life.
  • Let go of guilt and shame.

With each challenge we encounter we can make a choice to learn a lesson…

If you would like a little extra help, support and understanding then lets work together to shape the life you want in and around the chaos


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