The year of ‘Give’

I have a purpose and that purpose is to help others who have been or maybe currently face similar challenges to my experience as a carer.

So over the next 10 months of 2019
my coaching sessions will be free.

My gift to you.

This does not sound like a good business model right?


Well you are correct…my passion first and foremost is to help others. I believe God has put me on this journey and has called me to help and support others. And so that is exactly what I will do with the aim of helping as many people as possible and moving towards my next goal of setting up a social enterprise to help single parent carers.

So now, you are possibly intrigued or maybe do not think it will be quality coaching.

Well I challenge you to find out.

I will make promise to you:

  • My full attention
  • My time
  • My skills
  • My prayer and my commitment.

And in return I want the same.

I am being so bold as to ask for a donation from you after we have finished our time together. This will go towards my goal of setting up a social enterprise to sustainably help single parent carers.

However, you are under no obligation to leave a donation.


On offer:

Virtual Coaching: Skype or Face Time (World Wide)

Phone Coaching (UK Only)


Clarity Session:

60 – 90 min one off session

  • Explore short and long term aims
  • 1-2-3 Action plan
  • Email Coaching follow up

4 x 1:1 Monthly Reflection:

Get personal: We explore your personal situation. 

  • Uncover barriers and challenges
  • Unlock wants and desires
  • Increasing Self Care 
  • Create a framework, uncover aims, discover motivation, change thoughts and accelerate healing.

Ready to get started?

Drop me an email with “Free Intro” in the Email Subject Line and I will get back to you so we can get started!